One Night After One Love Manchester Justin Bieber Purpose Tour Aarhus Denmark

Its been an amazing 24 hours here at #BieberFeverRadio, fueled by the emotional roller coaster of the Manchester #OneLove concert. Yesterday we watched JB take the stage amid a star studied field, that included performances by Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, and Katy Perry. It was an amazing special moment to watch as everyone gathered to heal after the Manchester bombing tragedy. The show will go down in history as symbol of peace and harmony. But no rest for the wicked our man #JustinBieber immediately jetted off to begin his last leg of #PurposeTour Europe. Destination Aarhus Denmark his first time in that city for his sold out concert. And let us just say our Justin did not disappoint, putting on an amazing showcase of his musical talents for the fans. And not to disappoint ourselves we have put up exclusive videos from the Aarhus Concert. Well till next time...And do not forget to subscribe to our channels Bieber Fever Radio on twitter,fb,tumblr,you tube all links our on the webpage...leave us your email we have great prize giveaways coming..Maybe you could win tickets to JB Purpose Tour...and dont forget our Radio Show 5 minutes of Bieber at Blog talk radio

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