Happy 20th Miley From Bieber Fever Radio

Miley Cyrus — you’ve had quite the year! From flaunting a new edgy hairdo to getting engaged to major hottie Liam Hemsworth, you’ve been super busy! Now as you enter your 20s, get ready for even more adventures as you plan your wedding and continue your budding career! Happy birthday, Miley Cyrus! With your Sun in expansive Sagittarius and your Moon in circumspect Scorpio, you know how to play the game-faced ingenue as well as the savvy businesswoman. Just when you think you have everything figured out, however, a new mountain appears for you to climb. The question is: Do you want to take on even more responsibility? The rewards could be otherworldly, but they’ll require your total dedication. This may be the year you discover just why you were given the name ‘Destiny Hope‘ at birth!

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