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Hi everyone,

My name is Natasha Baxter, I am 19 years old and I live in a small part of the United Kingdom called ‘Wales’. There isn’t much to do around here so I decided to put my time into something I love to do, and that is writing and singing songs! I first started writing songs when I was 7, I would go into school with these lyrics I had written the day before and all of my friends would learn them, then we would sing them for anyone who would listen! When I was sixteen there was this song that came out called ‘Love Story’ by Taylor Swift, I fell in love with it, I thought the lyrics were so clever I thought the video was so mesmerising , I went home and looked her up on the internet to find that she had already had a couple of hits in the US and she had an album out, I bought the album and spent most of my time listening to it, she’s the person who inspired me to start playing guitar! It was hard when I first started and it hurt my fingers but I remember being so happy when I was able to write my songs to guitar! Now I have a YouTube page, I write songs and put them up on YouTube for everyone to see! The exciting thing about it is it’s like performing to people all around the world that you have never even met! I think that I write songs that people can relate to, that’s what I love though. The fact there could be a person all the way in America or somewhere I hadn’t even heard of, listening to music I created and it helping them to deal with something they’re going through! I like to write personal songs too, it helps me to express how I am feeling! The most personal songs I have written have been about my mum and my sisters. My mum passed away in 2011 to Leukaemia and I don’t like to talk about it so I write about how I am feeling instead, I feel I can express myself better that way! And there are people who have been through what I have been through so I write those songs in hope they can help others the way they helped me! My page is getting more popular and that excites me! All I want is for people to hear my music! I post a video up roughly around once a week I have done covers in the past but now it’s mostly my original songs!
Thanks for reading!

Natasha x

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