Justin Bieber Believe Tour Dallas Tickets

Justin Bieber’s Dallas concert is this coming Monday and it’s getting harder to find tickets. Many go through different venues to try to find the best tickets and this can end up costing a lot more than they bargained for.
Ahead of Justin Bieber’s Houston concert WFAA is reporting that many have been scammed through CraigsList listings offering concert tickets. According to the report several people have allegedly been scammed by the same man. Sam Vykukal from Fort Worth took some measures into her own hands by asking the man to pose for a photo holding the tickets. It served as an act of caution that served to alert others when the tickets happened to be fake.
After the story appeared in WFAA it was picked up by Houston station KHOU and what do you know, several of their readers had pretty much the same thing happen to them. And at least three of them have confirmed it is the same man, who goes by the name of “Michael Miller”. 27-year-old University of Houston student Jenny Nguyen and a cousin got the police involved right away. An investigation started and Nguyen said they even used her to set up a sting, but “Miller” somehow noticed and after agreeing to meet so he could deliver the tickets, sent one last text to Nguyen: “Hell no. I’ve left already.”
Concert tickets like the ones for Bieber’s concert are the specialty of scammers due to the high demand for these. It is always advised to buy concert tickets from an authorized seller or venue.

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