Did Justin and Selena Break Up On Halloween

Is Justin Bieber trying to tell us things are over between him and Selena Gomez? We think so!

Last night Justin Bieber Instagramed a picture of himself looking a bit...sad. Not only did he look down but he also added the caption, "Lingse," to the pic.

Not a big deal right? Wrong. We had no clue what "lingse" meant and after some thinking we totally figured it out! It's SO a cryptic message for "single!"

We've Google'd the letters A LOT and rattled our brains like crazy and can't come to any other conclusion.

What's even better is that he DELETED the picture from Twitter! Then he posted another picture that shows him anything but happy with the caption, "Just me." 

Hmm! Just you, you say Bieber? Say it isn't so!

Next, Justin tweeted a picture of a Hooters cup, totally trying to make Selena jealous...at least that's what we think!

Okay, maybe he's not that immature but you never know, we all know how break ups go! And one in Hollywood and in front of the world, has to be super crappy!

There have been Justin/Selena break up rumors since they started dating, but it seems like things really started to stir up after reports of her using him for fame came up last week. Perhaps this had something to do with it? Or maybe they're breaking up because he's on tour and she's busy working? Who knows!

We totally called all of this
 when he got his new tattoo last week!

He got inked, got a new pet hamster and cut his hair all in a short amount of time...signs of a relationship ending and need of a fresh start, eh?!

What do you think? Did Selena and Justin break up? Let us know what you think and let's keep our fingers crossed that this didn't happen...

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